U Boats in Tow

There were four U Boats lost locally after their tow parted, two were washed ashore and two sunk.
The U 118 washed up on Hastings beach. Two of the four people were killed when entering the submarine due to inhalation of battery gasses, they had been asked to check inside for bodies of German submariners, they were taken ill at a later date and never recovered.
Mr. breeds was taken ill some years later after serving with the Navy but was successfully treated and made a full recovery. The submarine was later opened as a museum then broken up, with just the gun on display. This was later scrapped also as it reminded people of the war.

The U 121 washed up under Bailey’s brow (Burling Gap). She lay next to the Oushla, an Italian tramp steamer. The U 121 was broken up and some salvage work was done on her with the metals winched up over the cliff. At low spring tide you can still walk amongst the remaining wreckage. As for the Oushla she was also broken up by the same welsh salvage firm. There is an uncharted mark to the east of the Devon coast, known locally as the stone boat. This mark is a single boiler, with no other wreckage around her. It is possibly from the Oushla. See photograph ‘U 121’ and ‘Oushla’.

The UB 130 sunk after breaking her tow. She is due south of Beachy Head. Rubbings of the makers numbers on the props were produced which confirmed it to be the UB 130. She has been heavily salvaged. The props are gone and much of the superstructure. There is one 7 meter section intact. This has a hatch and is believed to be the section that would have been under the conning tower. The conning tower is now some 8 meters away.
Thank you to Adrian Vicary of MPL for use of UB 
130 photo.

We the Tunbridge Wells Dive Club, led by Roger Theabold, raised the deck gun (with permission) and donated it to the Newhaven Maritime Museum, where she can be seen on display. The Imperial War Museum has one on display in original condition. See photo ‘Roger with U Boat Gun’, photo ‘German 10.5mm Submarine Gun’, and also the newspaper cutting ‘gun crazy’.

John Liddiard has done a write up of her in the Diver magazine as one of his wreck tours. I was lucky enough to show him around on the wreck. Shame about the viz!
Please see UB130 bar for more details.

Holland 5 sank while under tow to the breakers in 1912. This is believed to be the most intact example left. She can only be dived with a license; this can be applied for from English Heritage.
We have dived her (we have a license) there is a video and some stills of the wreck and a video of her sister ship Holland I down in Gossport.

BBC News report on Hatch Cover Theft

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Photographs and film, by kind permission;
Newhaven Maritime Museum.
Derrick Scott
Tad Taberera
Jamie Smith
Rick and Richard, Woolage BSAC.

Film editing by Tad Taberea
UB 130 Editing by Kevin Griffiths