Five Wrecks identified in Four Years

                                                                     The Borneo

Memorial to Borneo,Piscatorial 11 and Balfour at Newhaven Cemetary
  The Armed Trawler Borneo was identified with the help of John Liddiard after he came along to do some diving with us.
More information and video here.

                                                                          The Harold
 The Harold was identified by some pottery bearing the ships name,well most of it,the D was missing but this was later found on another dive.
The lifting of the bell confirmed the identity.Click here for the full story

                                                                          Mid Surrey

This makers plate was found by Alistair on a site we have dived a few times before.
The wreck is broken in two,possibly three parts.

This was identified in 2009.
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                                                                SS Newent

I know that we have had this one running in the club for a number of years and recently, we had thought it was the Horst Martini, but with the help of some expert wreck researchers, I have by using the engine plate, positivly identified the wreck to be that of the SS Newent.
Full story here

                                                                   SS Stanhope

A wreck known by the club for a number of years as Arsend and by the name Big Crab Wreck .
Recently identified by the helm as the SS Stanhope

Other wrecks named by TWSAC;

                                                                               Lancer II

: This Admiralty trawler was sunk in a collision with HM Yacht Vagrant on the night of 18 July, 1918. The wreck was identified when the maker's plate was recovered in 1988 by Roger Theobald
More info here


An Admiralty-requisitioned trawler working as a minesweeper, torpedoed by German E-boats on 1 December, 1943. Bow lettering with the ship's name and a lantern bearing the name identified the wreck in 1992.
Lantern found by Paul Dwyer

Appeared in Diver May 2011